Calibration of the perth sand penetrometer (PSP) for silica sands



The blunt tipped “Perth Sand Penetrometer” is used extensively in Australia for characterization of silica sand sites prior to the construction of light weight domestic structures. The hand operated device, which can be readily deployed in fine granular soils at depths up to 5 m, is routinely and successfully used to infer in situ density and internal friction angles in extensive coastal sand deposits. Some calibration charts are presented for a light weight dynamic penetrometer device.  The charts presented here are based on the results of 18 calibration chamber tests, performed in a specially constructed chamber, 1m high and 1m in diameter. All tests were performed on silica sand samples were consistently prepared to 3 densities using the sand raining or pluviation technique. The prepared samples were pressurized during testing to simulate overburden effects due to burial at depths up to 5m. Particular account is taken of the effects of rod friction