Seismic bearing capacity analysis of reinforced soils by the method of stress characteristics



The ultimate bearing capacity of strip foundations situated on reinforced soils has been analyzed in this paper using the stress characteristics method. A computer code has been written to analyze the slip line net and to calculate the ultimate load distribution beneath the foundation. The ultimate bearing capacity is expressed in terms of bearing capacity factors. Increase in the ultimate bearing capacity due to reinforcement is expressed by introducing another bearing capacity factor, Nt. Earthquake effect has been considered using horizontal and vertical pseudo-static seismic coefficients, Kh and Kv. Design charts have been provided giving the bearing capacity factors for the seismic case. These charts can be used for design purposes for reinforced soils. However, the obtained results should be further compared with future experimental results in order to attain greater confidence in design. Effects of reinforcement and horizontal earthquake coefficient on the failure pattern have also been investigated.