Vibration analysis of asymmetric shear wall structures using the transfer matrix method



In this paper a method for the vibration analysis of proportional asymmetric shear wall structures is presented. The whole structure is assumed as an equivalent bending-warping torsion beam in this method. The governing differential equations of equivalent bending-warping torsion beam are formulated using the continuum approach and are posed in the form of a simple storey transfer matrix.  By using the storey transfer matrices and point transfer matrices, which take into account the inertial forces, the system transfer matrix is obtained. Natural frequencies can be calculated by applying the boundary conditions. The structural properties of the building may change in the proposed method. A numerical example has been solved and presented at the end of the study by means of a program written in MATLAB to verify the method that is being proposed.  The results of this example display the agreement between the proposed method and the other valid method given in the literature