Nonlinear dynamic response and ductility requirements of a typical steel plate shear wall subjected to El Centro earthquake



In the present research, an explicit dynamic analysis is conducted on a typical multi-storey Steel Plate Shear Wall (SPSW) designed according to AISC requirements. The SPSW model is subjected to a base earthquake acceleration record to simulate the time history response of the structure. The analysis utilizes a finite element method involving both material and geometric nonlinearities. The energy dissipation behavior and distribution of storey shear over height of the model are investigated through time history response of the system. In addition, this paper proposes a new definition of energy ductility, which can be used in the investigation of the dynamic response of SPSWs. The ductility demand based on the proposed definition as well as shear resistance contribution of the web plate and Vertical Boundary Elements (VBE) of SPSW are evaluated.