Modeling of vertical movements of buildings with Mat foundation



A developed model was applied to displacement vectors acquired from a project that monitored the vertical movements of a building in the main campus ofNigdeUniversity. The estimated subsidence and its corresponding standard deviation errors by the model are -4.89 mm ± 0.53 mm for block 1, -1.23 mm ± 0.35 mm for block 2, and -3.65 mm ± 0.54 mm for block 3, respectively. The tilt angle is estimated and its corresponding standard errors are  16”.61 ± 2”.39, -18”.93 ± 1”.95, and -13”.87 ± 4”.64 arc second for Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3 respectively over a period of one year. Results showed that the model produced in this paper can be used to estimate the vertical movements of a building with a Mat foundation.