Finite element modeling of RC connections strengthened with FRP laminates



Use of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites for strengthening of beams and columns in RC structures has attracted great attention in recent decades. However, less attention has been paid to strengthening RC connections with FRP laminates. In the current study, a finite element (FE) modeling has been proposed for the non-linear analysis of RC joints covered with FRP overlays. The model consists of the effects of anchorage slip and anchorage extension of the steel reinforcement in the connection zone. As for the credibility of the method, some available experimental works were modeled and non-linearly analyzed using ANSYS. The results showed that the model can predict the experimental works with good accuracy. At the end and as a case study, a base joint specimen was strengthened with FRP laminates in 7 different cases and the specimens were analyzed using the aforementioned modeling. The results showed that good ductility and strength enhancement could be achieved by employing correctly configured FRP laminates.