Dam-reservoir seismic analysis by the Eulerian method, Kowsar dam, a case study



The dynamic interaction of fluid-solid systems has long been a subject of interest in many engineering fields. One of the most important problems of this nature, encountered in civil engineering, is the dynamic interaction of a dam and the reservoir under seismic loading. Recent research indicates the importance of this interaction and the resulting hydrodynamic forces, including the compressibility effects of water on the seismic response of concrete dams.
    In this thesis a combination of 2D finite-element and a closed form method based on a Eulerian approach is developed to study the dam-reservoir interaction effect. The mentioned procedure is used to investigate the interaction effect on stresses and displacements of the Kowsar Dam-reservoir system.
    To establish the accuracy of the method, the seismic response of the Pine Flat Dam is studied and the results are compared with other exact solutions.